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img_0012I am Joy Michele Timmons! I have served God and the Lord since I attended Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in the 1980s, but I accepted Christ and got baptized at age 13. I am also originally from Clinton, MD, but move to Upper Marlboro, MD in 2005.

I have many goals that I will achieve in my life. The first goal is to get an education, receive my high school diploma and college degrees and certification. The second goal is to work for different companies while attending school. The third goal is to get hired for entertainment career opportunity. The fourth goal is to move to New York.

The fifth goal is to pursue my two businesses. The next goal is to become financial stable as a millionaire. The seventh goal is to get married and start a family while pursuing these dreams. The next goal is to help others to improve their lives with great opportunities. Then, I will retire as a billionaire while I am still married, have grown children and grandchildren. The final goal is to live a healthy, long life.

I have been pursuing my entertainment and world education careers since age 4. I also did arts and crafts, animation, dance, drawing, painting, sculptures, take pictures, videos, and websites. I did hair, modeling, makeup, photo shoots and nails as well too.

I have a passion for helping people to achieve a successful life by allowing them to choose what they want to do in their lives. I will also have classes, e-books, events, private sessions and videos and other resources available for everyone. The resources will help everyone to choose opportunities they want to do, set goals, create plans, starting a business and career. Also, the will be resources will help everyone to find schools to get a good education, improve financial life, health, a living environment in apartments and home, relationships and other real-life situations.

However, I had many struggles during my life relating to my by businesses, careers, education, finance, health, living environment and relationships. I struggled with growing my businesses, Joy’s Creative Dance Company and JT’s Educational Services because I have not had enough financial support to help grow these businesses. I also have not had effective marketing strategies that will help me to gain many customers, make sales and afford places where I can offer my services to customers on a daily basis.

I started working at age 22. I worked at International House of Pancakes as a hostess, Prince George’s Community College Bookstore as a customer service representative and cashier. I also at Parcel Plus as a sales associate, Bath and Body Works as a sales associate and Encore Baton and Dance Studio as a dance teacher. I also worked at Pizza Hut as a customer service representative, Dollar Tree twice as a cashier and Red Door Studio as a dance teacher. Then, I worked at Little Busy Bee Learning Center as a dance teacher and Pam’s Hallmark as a sales associate.

I also struggled with pursuing my careers in entertainment and world education because I have been the unemployed majority of my life, worked in minimum wages with bad managers, some bad co-workers, unhealthy working environment, non-descent work hours and no benefits. I even try to work from home, but many of the opportunities were scams and did not guarantee good income. Because of this situation, I had quit these jobs. I also even try to work from home, but many of the opportunities were scams and did not guarantee good income. Because of this situation, I had quit these jobs.

I had to repeat first grade twice because I had a learning disability, failing grades which led me to have poor academic performance in my school. I also had to drop and re-take hard courses due to having failing grades even though I try to get help to ensure I can still be successful in school. I also had many bad professors and did not want any bad grades on my grade report which is another reason I had to drop and retake hard courses during my college years. Many schools I attended had many bad administrators and immature students who bullied like many professors did to me.

I had financial problems majority of my life because I had minimum wage jobs that did not cover all of my expenses like my credit card and school debts and being unemployed as well. So, I had to depend on gift money and school refunds to cover my living expenses. As you see, my financial problems made it very difficult for me to maintain a healthy financial life.

While experiencing my struggles, I had anxieties, depressions, isolated, neglected, posting all bad things that everyone had hurt me on social media and having suicide thoughts. I even experienced these mental health issues when I had bad relationships with many communities, organizations and people like family members including extended many family members, former boyfriends, and friends. I also did not have much supportive of many communities, organizations, and people like family members and former boyfriends and friends. Plus, I also experienced these mental health issues when I was living with bad parents and some college roommates who were abusive, bullying, unhealthy, unsupportive and negative towards me and what I want to do in my life. However, I never did drugs, alcohol, smoking, homosexuality, prostitutions and other bad situations that cause a negative impact in my life.

The good news is that I never gave up. I had to ask God and the Lord on how to end my struggles so I can move forward and live a healthy long life. I also had to set new goals and plan for my life in order to end my struggles. I decided to grow my business using YouTube,, and other websites to grow my businesses. I also will offer classes, published e-books, and do events in order to grow my business.

I also decided to continue to find employment opportunities in my career fields that will offer great salaries, benefits, working environment, co-workers, and bosses. I was able to get help from some advisors, professors, teachers, tutors, and administrators to ensure that I maintain a successful academic performance during my school years. Because of resolving my academic struggles, I was also able to make very high grades like A’s and B’s and less C’s and lower grades. I even made honor rolls, dean’s lists and honors of academic performance during my school years. I defend myself against all school administrators, professors, students and teachers who mistreated in a very rigid way that they no longer bother me. The reason is that I no longer tolerate mistreatment from no one since age 14.

I was able to graduate from primary and secondary schools successfully, earn my high school diploma from Surrattsville High School and Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Prince George’s Community College. I also received my other Associate’s Degree in Dance and Theatre from College of Southern Maryland and Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Towson University. I also hold Masters’ Degree in Media Design from Full Sail University and Business Administration in Marketing from Ashford University. Now, I just recently received my Masters in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University. During my school years, I was able to maintain a 3.50 and higher grade point average and even when I graduated from school.

I also decided to become a millionaire and later a billionaire because I wanted to end my financial problems forever. I also wanted to help people to improve their financial life where they can gain financial freedom. Even though I had mental health issues, I was able to end them by continuing to consume healthy diets, exercise, stay away from opportunities that do not offer benefits including great salaries, stay away from negative people and negative environment. I also quit many social media. I rejected many communities, organizations and people like former parents, many relatives, former friends and other people because they treated me badly. Plus, it is a healthy way to help me move forward. I also was able to raise myself and help myself when I did not have much supportive and help available from many communities, organizations, and people.

I will be a move to New York and later California in a better, healthier, positive and safe living environment with my future husband and children and other people. I also continue to have a relationship with God and the Lord, current friends, some relatives and with new communities and organizations that I join in the future. I also will have a great relationship with my future husband, children, in-laws and other people in the future. I will get involved in church, church activities, and communities as much as possible. Finally, I will be able to continue to help people to achieve their dreams as well too.

Educational Entrepreneur: A Business Life Story of Joy Timmons !


The purpose of this book is to educate first-time entrepreneurs and current entrepreneurs about steps Joy Timmons took to become an educational entrepreneur. The steps that she took are meant to suggest ways that beginning entrepreneurs can start their careers. There are also many solutions that will be covered to resolve new and current entrepreneurs’ failures and setbacks. This book will have images of Joy Timmons, illustrations, links, in pdf file formats, designed in in color formats, sizes, and styles. All books Joy produces take about 4-8 weeks to complete.

In this book, you will learn about Joy Timmons having to:

• Trust God and Lord First
• Have a Passion for Entrepreneurship
• Reasons I Became an Educational Entrepreneur
• Getting Started
• Having a Positive Mindset
• Do Research
• Characteristics of an Educational Entrepreneur
• Defining Leadership Style
• Reject Distractions
• Set Goals
• Get Educated
• Staying Healthy as an Educational Entrepreneur
• Participate in Activities, Groups, and Organizations
• Work Experience
• Managing Organization Experience
Starting a Business
• Creating Business Schedules
• Get an Excellent Mentor
• Focus on Problems I Want to Solve
• Solutions
• Funding Businesses
• Finding Office and Studio Facilities
• Market and Promote Businesses
• Make Money
• Future Plans

Copies Will Be Available Soon!

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