Scripture Reading Message on Successful Life
Proverbs 22:9, “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men”.

My Entrepreneurship Story Video-Coming Soon!

Do you struggle to achieve a successful life? If so or if not. You are NOT alone. Because I have had many struggles during my life, but I continue to end them as soon as possible. I also do believe you can end your struggles as well too.

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My e-book EDUCATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR: A BUSINESS LIFE STORY OF JOY TIMMONS. This book discusses the steps that I took to become a successful entrepreneur.

In this book, people will learn about Joy Timmons having to:

  • Trust God and Lord First
  • Have a Passion for Entrepreneurship
  • Reasons I Became an Educational Entrepreneur
  • Getting Started
  • Having a Positive Mindset
  • Do Research
  • Characteristics of an Educational Entrepreneur
  • Defining Leadership Style
  • Reject Distractions
  • Set Goals
  • Get Educated
  • Staying Healthy as an Educational Entrepreneur
  • Participate in Activities, Groups, and Organizations
  • Work Experience
  • Managing Organization Experience
  • Starting a Business
  • Creating Business Schedules
  • Get an Excellent Mentor
  • Focus on Problems I Want to Solve
  • Solutions
  • Funding Businesses
  • Finding Office and Studio Facilities
  • Market and Promote Businesses
  • Make Money
  • Future Plans
What is this book for?
  • New entrepreneurs
  • Current entrepreneurs
  • New business owners
  • Current business owners
  • Or anyone who wants to learn about being a successful business career 
This book is not for…
  • People looking for getting rich quick scheme
  • People not having passion for anything
  • People not willing to make mistakes
  • People not willing to work hard 
  • People not willing to do the work to be successful
  • People quitting on what they love to do by listening to discouraging people

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No refunds after 30 days after purchasing the book.Thank you for purchasing my book and enjoy the book. Let me know your feedback about my ebook.

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Joy Timmons

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